Official Alt.Usenet.Kooks FAQ - 2008

[An Official Clemency]

[by the Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler]

[granted to:]

[Colonel Jake for April Fools Day]

AUK Pardon & Franchise Restored

Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler's Executive Order


In honor of April Fools Day, I wish to do something unprecedented-- pardon a recipient of a Tinfoil Sombrero. Today, for his year of surprisingly good behavior while still being a kook, including taking his punishment well, serving AUK (more on this later) despite his disenfranchisment, and having a remarkable sense of humor about the matter, as well as repenting of the behavior that earned him his Tinfoil Sombrero by acknowledging the true AUK FAQ site, I pardon Colonel Jake for his Tinfoil Sombrero.

The record of the award will remain; he will always have it on his resume. However, he will, as an astonishingly rare act of mercy by the FNVW, have his franchise restored, so long as he exercises his franchise responsibly. This is at the suffrance of the FNVW. Should he abuse his franchise in any way, or win Kook of the Month, Looney Maroon, or the Bobo, it will be once again removed.


Dont anyone ever? nominate the Jake'ster for Kook of the Month, Looney Maroon, or the Bobo Award ever again! or else he'll perpetually kick your shins while they bleed? profusely!

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