Official Alt.Usenet.Kooks FAQ - 2007

[Active AUK Award and Description]

[Achieved by:]

[Colonel Jake for Febuary]

Special Executive Award

Tinfoil Sombrero

An executive award, a Vote Wrangler's privilege, to grant to those out there who would seek to overthrow the Friendly Neighborhood dictatorship of this froup. Time and again various Kooks have attempted to either hijack the awards, start votes of their own, or give the FNVW a free non-expenses- paid ticket to the Motel Deep 6. This should never go unpunished. Such insubordination goes beyond the normal bounds of those wacko enough to wear the tinfoil hat, therefore, the FNVW shall have the privilege of granting the TINFOIL SOMBRERO, upon receipt of substantial enough evidence of said insubordination.


Dont ever leave your websites unsecure for the TS

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