Official Alt.Usenet.Kooks FAQ - 2006

[Active AUK Award and Description]

[Achieved by:]

[Colonel Jake for May]

[Trained by: Pinku-Sensei]

Miscellaneous KoOK Awards

Barbara Woodhouse Memorial Dog-Whistle Award

Named in honour of the skilful dog-trainer who became a British TV personality in the 1980s, this award is given jointly to the best trained net.kook in any given month and to his or her trainer. Possible examples of good training include obedience to one's owner's commands to reply to posts, and devotion in following one's owner around from group to group and through the Google archive. House-training, which, regrettably, is a rare accomplishment for a kook, isn't a prerequisite. Woof.


Dont ever get caught in'da'pet cemetary, wanting a DEAD DAMN DOG!!!

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